A New Important Step for the Hyammed Project

Project 28 January 2020

The European agreement from the FCHJU was confirmed by the creation of the H2Haul consortium in August 2019. The HyAMMED project (combination of the 2 projects CATHy0PE and H2Haul) received the support of ADEME on January 17th, 2020. This essential new step will contribute to the development and the creation of a hydrogen mobility ecosystem in the Southern regions.

As part of the HyAMMED project, 8 x ‘H2 44t’ long-haul trucks will be deployed and tested in Region. A low carbon hydrogen distribution station will be installed at Air Liquide (an industrial member of PIICTO), in Fos. After CATHy0PE in 2016, ADEME confirmed their will to support the emergence of a French sector for “long distance heavy vehicles”.