Intervention at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum (Workshop on the trajectories of industrial and maritime activities)

General 6 September 2021

Corinne Ramombordes, president of the PIICTO association and executive director of the industrial Solamat Merex, spoke at the Entrepreneurs’s Forum on Friday September 3, 2021 at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille.

At this forum, focused on the theme of commitment, the president of the association participated in a workshop alongside Alain Mistre, president of the Maritime and Fluvial Union of Marseille-Fos (UMF) and QHSSE director of Corsica Linea, Christine Cabau Woehrel, executive vice-president assets and operations CMA CGM, Hervé Martel, chairman of the management board of the port of Marseille (GPMM), and Jean-Michel Diaz, chairman of the Maritime and Industrial Group of Fos and its region (GMIF) and regional director of TotalEnergies in the Mediterranean region.

The workshop focused on the projections and the strategic vision of the industrial and maritime activities of tomorrow in the port territory, within the framework of environmental transitions. The PIICTO association has been engaged since 2015 in an industrial and territorial ecology approach, which aims to reconcile economic dynamism and environmental excellence (general ambition of the PIICTO vision 2025 road-map developed with the active and qualified members of the association in 2020).