PIICTO develops its 2025 road-map

General 31 August 2020

The PIICTO association was created in 2014. Today, it gathers some 40 members.
In recent years, material synergies have been identified and are operational today (Icare, Vabosco, HCL33%) and innovative projects have appeared on the platform, in conjunction with industrial players (Combigreen, Jupiter1000, HyAMMED). For most of these projects, the PIICTO association was able to play a role of facilitation or even identification of the synergies.

The 2020-2025 period is a further stage for the PIICTO dynamic. The period is based on this strategic vision for 2025 which has the general ambition of reconciling economic dynamism and environmental excellence. The year 2020, strongly marked by the covid19 pandemic, would have demonstrated the strategic place of industrial port territories in the organization and supply of the country in the flow of materials, goods and energy.

This strategic vision of PIICTO, co-constructed with all the members of the association, is articulated around three major objectives:

  1. Decouple economic development and environmental impact
  2. Support the attractiveness and maintenance of existing industrial jobs
  3. Innovate and support the transformation of the industrial fabric in the region

To view the PIICTO 2025 road-map brochure.