Recovery of decarbonation fines (continuation of Vabosco project)

Project 5 March 2020

In order to recycle its decarbonation fines, Kem One collaborates with EJL/Calcaires Régionaux (Eurovia) as part of Vabosco project. The decarbonation fines appear during the process of brine purification on Kem One’s two industrial sites at Fos-sur-Mer and Lavéra (Martigues).

With this synergy, 15 000 tons/y of decarbonation fines will be valued in road sub-base and won’t fill landfill sites. Moreover, it saves the extraction of raw materials in careers.

This concrete industrial ecology synergy, which is now in industrial phase, has been supported since 2016 by the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

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