Visit to EveRé Industrial Facilities as Part of “PIICTO SEEN FROM THE INSIDE” Tour

Project 19 September 2019

PIICTO proposed to open its member’s doors allowing members to enter into the heart of the industrial units in the Caban Tonkin area. This visit aimed to offer a better understanding of industrial activities and faicilities of the platform.

Being at the origin of this initiative, EveRé thus constituted the #1 sequence of “PIICTO SEEN FROM THE INSIDE” Tour. This initiative is meant tol continue , with1-2 site visits per year.

This first sequence took place on Thursday, September 19th EveRé, Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis waste treatment center. It gathered around fifty people.

EveRé’s open-door initiative offered visitors the opportunity to enter the heart of its innovative facilities which combines 3 types of recovery techniques: sorting, organic recovery and energy recovery.

This center treats 400,000 tonnes of household waste each year produced by the million inhabitants of the Marseille Provence Territory.

This unusual visit was an opportunity for PIICTO members to enter the units in small groups and thus understand how more than 90% of incoming waste is valued, in energy, recyclable materials, compost and bottom ash.