Conference and workshop for the European Carbon4PUR’s Project (Recovery of Industrial CO2)

Project 20 March 2019

On March 20th, 2019, a conference on the recovery of industrial CO2 was held in Fos sur Mer, which brought over 80 participants. This event was co-organized by Marseille Fos Port Authority, the partners of the European Carbon4PUR project and PIICTO association.

Beyong the environmental challenges relating to climate change, circular economy solutions enabling the recovery of CO2 are increasingly becoming a strategic element for the industrial attractiveness of Marseille Fos territory.

Discussions during the workshop were held around industrial, academic and institutional interventions, focusing on the issues related to CO2 recyclingSome innovation projects for industrial CO2 recovery were presented, such as Jupiter 1000 and VASCO2 (already established projects by PIICTO).

As for the European project Carbon4PUR,, it aimed at recycling industrial gases (CO2 / CO fraction) from Arcelor Mittal into intermediate components, which are manufactured in COVESTRO factories, and used in the creation of polyurethane and polyols for applications related to thermal insulation (rigid foams) and coatings (epoxy resins). This applied research project represented an investment of over €7 million during the past 4 years. It have brought together 14 partners from 7 European countries, including three major players in the industrial-port area of ​​Fos: The Port of Marseille Fos, Arcelor Mittal and Covestro (coordinator of the projet). In Fos, the study focused onthe synergy of industrial materials between Arcelor Mittal (producer of industrial fumes) and COVESTRO (consumer of CO / CO2).

More information on the Carbon4Pur project website.