PIICTO’s involvement in the industrial and territorial ecology (ITE)’s national meetings and welcome of two delegations of ITE professional

General 18 November 2021

From November 15 to November 17, 2021, the PIICTO association was involved in the ITE’s national meetings, organized by the SYNAPSE network in Marseille on November 15 and 16, then on an exchange day for industrial-port territories which are engaged in an ITE approach on November 17.

On November 16, the association’s president Corinne Ramombordes, who is also the director of Solamat Merex’s two industrial sites of Rognac and Fos, participated in a round-table on engagement and resources challenges of territories.

Moreover, on November 15 and 17, two delegations of ITE professionals were welcomed on the industrial platform. These two delegations were first welcomed on the Port Center 1, a building of the port of Marseille which has a reduced size mockup of the industrial-port area of Lavéra and Fos-sur-Mer, then they visited the PIICTO industrial platform by bus. The discussions continued on the household waste multi-sector treatment center EveRé with a presentation and a visit of the industrial site.

The operational synergy Vabosco (15 000 tons/y of decarbonation fines which are formed during the process of brine purification on Kem One’s two industrial sites at Fos-sur-Mer and Lavéra are valued in road sub-bas by EJL/Calcaires Régionaux) was also presented to the participants on November 15.

The industrial-port ITE professionals of Strasbourg, Dunkirk and its region and of the Seine’s waterway (Le Havre, Rouen, etc.), shared the advancements made on their territory’s ITE approach on November 17. The state’s agencies (ADEME, ANCT, DGITM) also reminded, as contextual elements, their interest, their tools and their national strategies to support the environmental and energy transition of industrial-port territories. Lastly, the ALLICE alliance presented its missions and purpose, which is to accelerate the decarbonation of industry and energy transition.